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17,500.000 Millions of Peoples in Indonesia Suffers from Chronic Hepatitis

Prof.Dr. H.Ali Sulaiman, Ph.D, SpPD, KGEH


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23-Sept-2009   (Red. Klinik Hati)

Liver diseases is a huge public health problem in Indonesia.
The prevalence of hepatitis B (HBsAg) is 5%-10% in many parts of Indonesia. In certain areas, in eastern part of Indonesia the prevalence of this diseases was reported higher. It is estimated about 17 and a half millions of peoples in Indonesia suffers from chronic hepatitis in which more than 20% of them will become liver cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer. Liver cirrhosis is a desease with many severe complications and one among the most frequents diseases that causes morbidities and mortalities in Indonesia. Hepatitis B has become a tremendous burden to the patients the family, and to the government.



Ironically the disease can be prevented, because the hepatitis B vaccine is already available. Effort to vaccinate the babies has been started by the government since 1991; but lack of vaccines has become the biggest obstacles to make the mass vaccination successful. The key to win the fight again hepatitis B and liver cancer is prevention, and prevention begins with education.

The key to winning the fight against hepatitis B and liver cancer is prevention, and prevention begins with education. There is a vaccine readily available that offers full protection from hepatitis B, but many API aren't vaccinated simply because they don't know about the problem or they don't think that it affects them. The education includes detailed information about hepatitis B and liver cancer, including how to interpret blood tests and get vaccinations For those already affected by hepatitis B, patients can be visit the liver clinic for evaluation, treatment (if possible), and screening for liver cancer. 


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